MOCA at ad:tech india

MOCA Triumphs at ad:tech India

Amidst an overwhelming turnout at ad:tech India, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the clients,  partners, publishers and other visitors, who took the time to visit MOCA booth …


MOCA Shines Bright at IAS 2023

The 9th edition of IAS, India’s top-tier networking event, took place from October 11 to 12, 2023. At MOCA booth, team had in-depth discussions with numerous visitors from various industries to explore collaboration opportunities, focusing on OEM, CTV, influencer, branding, and app installation.

ctv advertising

T-commerce, Online Shopping Game-Changer?

The potential for successful T-commerce adoption is with TVs that are connected to a second screen-Mobile. In this scenario, a user who is intrigued by an advertisement on CTV and considering a purchase can proceed with the transaction using mobile phone.

How CTV is Revolutionizing Advertising?

According to Adjust data, CTV has great strength in driving potential users through the funnel to down-funnel channels. Research also reveals that people have a much higher ad tolerance when watching TV series, sports, and news.

The Rise of CTV Advertising in India

The data of Interactive Advertising Bureau shows it is estimated 73% media buyers and advertisers are shifting their budgets away from linear TV to CTV and OTT. According to IAB, CTV is expected to lead 2023 digital media spending with 14.4% YoY growth. In India, by 2027, brands will spend $395 million on CTV advertising.