MOCA Empowers New OTT Player to Kick Off India Market via CTV

The OTT application that MOCA helped promote, launched in Q4, 2023, is a free, ad-supported video streaming service in India market. As a new OTT brand, the new comer faced great challenge to compete with big players existing in the market. To acquire a substantial user base in short term and cost-effectively, no doubt, CTV could be a shortcut compared to mobile phone.

OTT is highly compatible with big screen on television. However, there is limited advertising display position for applications on TV. On the other hand, users are vulnerably guided by video content, which means once a user subscribes an OTT service, the likelihood of switching to another platform significantly decreases. Consequently, occupying the eye-catching position and app entry on TV is crucial for OTT players to acquire TV users efficiently.

The other headache for the OTT player is that CTV advertising is primarily billed on CPM for pre-roll and Mid-roll ads and does not support redirection, which is not friendly for performance advertisers aiming to drive app downloads and control cost. Therefore, the demand for a solution with fixed CPI pricing to acquire TV users need to be imminently addressed. 

As TV advertising plays an important role in brand recognition and consumer purchasing decision, many app developers from the category of games, video tools, online education, to start testing the waters on how to drive TV user download through CTV. CTV is a new battleground in the future.

MOCA has quickly sensed this market demand. It built strategic partnership with major global TV manufactures and TV OS, to provide CPI based user acquisition solution on CTV.

With deep understanding of the app developer’s concern and market objective, MOCA helped advertisers to work out a customized CTV solution and helped a new India OTT player kick off the market successfully.

First, MOCA planned a CPD campaign on homepage on Xiaomi TV to drive download by content. Second, to lower the cost, MOCA booked app tray to block download entry to the new brand. With multiple test and trial, the performance is out of expectation. 

  • More than 5 Million Views from TV users per day
  • 4-5 × CTR higher engagement than in-stream video
  • 8-10× CVR higher than mobile end. 

MOCA helped the new OTT player take a first step successfully to the market and capture the seed TV users in a wave of CTV market competition. This collaboration enabled the new entrant to explore a new possibility to win the market from CTV to mobile phone. 

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