MOCA is a global OEM aggregator and advertising innovator, established in 2012.
Focusing on Asian market, Moca set local team in China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, collaborating with global top publishers for user acquisition, branding and re-engagement advertising solutions. MOCA is dedicated to providing a cost effective and customized solution for advertisers to maintain top of mind awareness within their target audience.

Our Vision

MOCA is one of the largest OEM consolidators across the globe and an advertising innovator to help advertisers to make innovative formats & combinations for contextualized promotion. MOCA is committed to provide a customized shortcut for advertisers to be the next unicom.

The Difference Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Advertising

Our capability
100 M+
10 B+
Daily Impressions
100 +
Direct Publishers
1000 +

Latest News

Weather Solution for Adem Sari Ching Ku | A Case Study

Adem Sari Ching ku is a refreshing drink that is available in Indonesia market. It is using the world advanced technology – cold filling, together with Liang Cha essence & other traditional herbs. It has no bitter taste of traditional herbs, able to relieve heat and help to enhance body resistance. Since it is useful for relieving heat symptoms such as chapped lips and sore throat, it is suitable to drink during hot weather.

Case Study of Chocodrink

Indonesia OTT market is experiencing a constant rise. It is due to significant demand for this OTT services. Chocodrink saw this momentum and partnered with Moca Technology to run their campaign in the rising popularity of OTT platforms such as WeTV and IQIYI

How Mobile marketing can cater to the advertising changes in the post-Covid era

The pandemic has reset many marketing and consumption trends that are here to stay. Much has been talked about the ‘New Normal; while a lot has already changed to an inconceivable extend, it is of paramount importance that we swiftly adapt to befit in the idea of our new realities to readjust to the ‘New Normal’.