Dad approved effective marketing tips for Father’s Day

Father’s Day, which is June 19th, will be here before you know it and it’s one of the most important days of the year, especially in terms of consumer spending. Father’s Day presents unique marketing opportunities that can increase brand recognition, boost sales and generate free publicity. Forget sales on ties and penny loafers – June is the time to make your mark by creating an annual event that you’ll reap rewards on for years to come. That’s why eCommerce businesses have to provide their customers with the best Father’s Day marketing campaigns and inspire them to purchase meaningful gifts for their fathers. According to research by Sender, it is expected that eCommerce will be a significant retail channel for shoppers buying presents for their dads. In fact, 40% of customers plan to shop for Father’s Day gifts online in 2022.

A good onsite marketing strategy and convenient user experience will definitely make you profit from the online Father’s Day sales while also helping your customers find the right presents.

Start early

The secret to promotional selling is timing. According to dotmailer, customers who shopped in early June for Father’s Day gifts spent on average 20% more on items than panic buyers bought in the week leading up to the big day, so starting around Jun14-15 would be recommended.

Brands can bank on a streamlined Father’s Day strategy with help from the given Father’s Day Marketing Checklist:

  1. Research Your Market Opportunity
  2. Read Up on News Trends
  3. Gather Examples of News Articles
  4. Implement Creative Best Practices
  5. Create Healthy Headlines
  6. Engage the Right Audience

Build Urgency

Build excitement and urgency while your customers prepare for Father’s Day. It is critical to start by reminding them that the date of Father’s Day is near. Afterward, you can encourage them to buy a present with dynamic contents like countdown timers. Platforms that your audience uses daily may differ. You should use all of the marketing channels to remind key dates and give them deadlines like “Last day to buy a gift with free shipping for Father’s Day!” in order to reach the most amount of customers. You can also add special offers to these deadlines and trigger them to purchase sooner with scarcity marketing.

Father, Defined & Unique

All fathers are unique, so should be your Father’s Day marketing strategies. It is important to keep in mind that all fathers have different experiences with their children while thinking of creating a campaign. Your customers will look for presents that can make a special memory. Create a special themed campaign that resembles your company the best while inspiring your customers to choose an exclusive Father’s Day gift, and this way, you will be part of the unique experience they will have.

According to NRF, nearly half of Generation Z and Millennials said they’d “always or very often” get Father’s Day gift inspiration from retailers. The percentage of Gen Xers who get ideas from retailers is only 26%, with Baby Boomers floating between 18% and 12%. This means with the proper segmentation and data analysis, brands must create up-to-date ads that relate to all kinds of dads and also be able to connect with the young generation. Family dynamics and the traditional father roles are shifting, so your marketing campaigns must also go beyond stereotypes.

Showcase Gift Ideas

Buying a gift is never easy. Especially when it comes to choosing a gift for their fathers, many customers have difficulty thinking outside the box. Yes, it can be hard to shop for fathers, but you can always ease your customers’ stress and make their shopping experience a bit simpler by giving gift ideas and including shopping guides in your Father’s Day marketing campaigns. Approximately 30% of consumers look for gift advice on eCommerce websites.

 Dad’s Trending Wishlist for 2022

Shoppers are considering these top five gift categories, in order of highest percentage to lowest: Greeting cards, clothing, a special outing, gift cards, and personal care products. According to The Shelf, last year the most popular gifting categories for Father’s Day outside of greeting cards were personal care (25 percent of shoppers bought in this category), tools/appliances, and personal care (21 percent of shoppers bought in those two categories. Subscription services also boomed during the pandemic as people tried to find ways to find and share a little joy in a time of social distancing. This year, 37 percent of Father’s Day shoppers said they were keen on gifting Dad a subscription of some kind including OTT services, and there are all sorts of them out there. Lastly, Father’s Day flowers are popular as well, especially with the last-minute gift-buying crowd. A card and a bouquet can still be quite a hit.

Right pass to Success

No matter how you wish to describe the paternal figure in your life, a father is nothing short of the standard for what we consider a real man. Quite, simply he’s our hero and our life’s greatest champion. With that said, paying a proper tribute to the man who paved the way for our rites of passage can be a difficult task. But with the right approach, you can provide a path for Father’s Day success both for your customers—and your business.

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