Why Brands in Indonesia Should Attach  Importance to SnackVideo?

Kwai is a globally recognized internet company with over 1 billion users, ranking No. 2 in the short video category worldwide. The platform has a strong presence in several regions, including Latin America, Indonesia, and Pakistan, and has expanded into new markets like Egypt, Arab, and Iran.

In Indonesia, Kwai (also known as SnackVideo) is the second most downloaded social media app, following TikTok. Most SnackVideo Indonesia users reside in developed regions, with 40% in Jakarta, 40% in the Java Islands, 10% in the Sumatra Islands, and 10% in other regions. In 2021, Kwai reported a 65% YoY growth in monthly active users in Indonesia, with entertainment, trending & style, and film & TV being the top three categories for user interest.

Here are the reasons why brands in Indonesia should consider SnackVideo as a platform to reach potential customers:

(1) High User Engagement: According to App Annie, short video engagement rates on platforms like SnackVideo can reach as high as 9%, compared to long video engagement rates of 0.9% and social media engagement rates of 2.0%. Indonesian internet users spend a significant amount of time on social media platforms, including one hour on short video platforms like SnackVideo. The high level of engagement presents an opportunity for brands to connect with potential customers and increase brand awareness.

(2) Strong Purchasing Enthusiasm: A survey conducted by Rakuten Insight in October 2020 found that approximately 62% of Indonesian respondents stated that they had purchased a product because it had been endorsed by an influencer. The same survey also found that the majority of Indonesian respondents followed at least one influencer on social media, indicating that they are more likely to buy products they see advertised on the platform. Kwai data shows that 66% of users shop online more than once a month, and 19% shop online more than four times a month.

(3) Top Online Categories: SnackVideo users are interested in a variety of categories, with 86% of users purchasing food and beverages, 66% purchasing CPG products, 44% purchasing tourism products, 43% purchasing financial products, 30% purchasing consumer electronics, and 23% purchasing automobiles. Ramadan is a significant contributor to online shopping in Indonesia, with a survey by TheTradeDesk & YouGov indicating that 88% of respondents plan to shop during Ramadan, and 53% decide to spend all of the religious holiday subsidy (THR) issued by the government during Ramadan.