MOCA is granted Xiaomi’s India Exclusive Branding Agency

MOCA’s team was invited to the Xiaomi-MOCA India Exclusive Branding Agency Investiture at Xiaomi’s new headquarter in Beijing on Monday, October 21st, 2019. Max Ma, General Manager of Xiaomi Global Internet Business, handed the plaque, specially made for the exclusive partner, to MOCA’s team.

By receiving the plaque, MOCA officially becomes Xiaomi’s exclusive branding agency in India. Gaia Guan, the founder of Moca Technology, said, “We witnessed the tremendous impact that Xiaomi had on the global market. We are delighted that Xiaomi has decided to open its valuable hundreds of million high-quality users to brands. We can see Xiaomi’s user base will continue to grow throughout the coming years. Brands will also discover unprecedented opportunities by interacting with those young users with high consumption potential provided by Xiaomi. Localization, branding, and innovation will remain to be the key drivers to penetrate in a highly competitive market for any brands. MOCA & Xiaomi together will bring the business to a brand-new level.”
MOCA is a China-based digital media agency with local teams in major Asian countries. Specialized in mobile branding and marketing. MOCA collaborates with highly trusted premium publishers to create customized, visible, trackable, and brand safety solutions, which have been served beyond 500 brands among ten industries and ensure ROI for performance campaign with in-house Ad platform and anti-fraud tools.