MOCA Announces Its Official Partnership With MangaToon and NovelToon

MOCA is honored to announce its official partnership with MangaToon and NovelToon. MangaToon and NovelToon are Indonesia and Vietnam’s top apps for quadratic fiction and comics and have gained popularity among generation Z in Southeast Asia, Europe, and South American regions.

With the new cultural trend, the popularity of digital comics has made it possible for the stories to come to life in other forms of media. Generation Z is a gadget generation that spends most of its time on mobile phones. They like to get information and entertainment with a single click and in such situations reading comics on mobile phones has become a normal norm nowadays. The quadratic comic is a medium used to express ideas in the light of a series of images or pictures and is easier to read and understand. By visual language, quadratic comics provide a virtual two-dimensional world and young people would like to experience a different life in a virtual world to get rid of the pressure from reality.

MangaToon’s performance in the new era

MangaToon is one of the most popular comic platforms for local users in Indonesia, Vietnam, France, and other countries with the availability in 8 languages and covering almost 80% of the world’s region. The age group for MangaToon is almost 52% for age 20, 32%, and 11% for age 21 to 30 and 31 to 40 years respectively while 5% of consumers are above 40 years. The total time spent is almost 2 to 3 hours daily making females 65% of the total readers of the platform. MangaToon helps you to step into a different world and has defined the cultural and entertainment industry ecology by tourism, theater, film, and animation readings. 

Why is NovelToon more famous among young girls?

NovelToon is a popular overseas reading and sharing platform covering Southeast Asian markets as well as markets in Europe and America which facilitates the quadratic culture of reading novels and anime. User’s spend is almost 90 to 150 minutes daily covering 90% of the age group between 18-34 years.

NovelToon is famous among young girls as they are more vulnerable to fiction and novel readings. Youth especially girls got fascinated with the fictional characters more easily and get themselves more indulged in the storyline. Stories are written in a way that the young girls get motivated and assume them as their daily lifestyles or life happenings. Females have shown great influence on comic reading apps because they enjoy the thrill, of fantasy readings more than males. 

NovelToon has become a female-dominated platform in Indonesia with 80% of female consumers. It provides you the platform to write your novel and become a storyteller among tens of millions of readers.

What Importance has comic apps for marketers?

MangaToon and NovelToon help marketers to know that youth is vulnerable as they need quick access to information and entertainment. It is important to understand the needs of the young generation especially young girls and their liking of quadratic comics and fiction. The right choice of ad display with the right time of emotional attachment of the user will be a positive impact on the brand resulting in positive feedback. Marketers need to build a connection with the young generation to make their brand more accepted, trusted, and memorable among them.

About MOCA Technology

MOCA is one of the largest OEM consolidators and ad innovators across the globe and partnered with MangaToon and NovelToon to help advertisers to make innovative formats & combinations for contextualized promotion. MOCA provides a one-stop service for improving efficiency and effective communications across all OEMs and top publishers, and to help advertisers to reach their target audience and to be the top-of-mind brand.