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About Moca

Moca is an innovated global mobile advertising platform focused on India and developing market, with in-house tracking system for both branding and performance campaigns.

Our Vision

Moca was initiated by marketing virtuosos in mobile and mobile internet industry and founded with prominent technical experts. Our vision is to bring a colorful and convenient life to the users in emerging market, build a bridge for an isolated population to hug the outside world to make their life better.

Together We Are the One.

Moca is the abbreviation of Mobile Cactus. Cactus symbolizes vitality, bravery, endurance, and maternal love. It can survive well in the extremely harsh conditions prevalent in a desert with sand, heat and lack of water while giving nutrition and life-saving water to protect a human life. Moca stands for cacti on the move, full of innovation, adaptation, perseverance, and a great love to share and to be shared. One day, the desert will turn into an oasis of beauty and good will, because of you and us. We seek common ground and partnership to get together for a bright future.

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